Oak trees are known for being strong, resilient, and beautiful; in so many ways modeling human aspirations.  Charleston's Angel Oak, pictured above, is a great example of strength in a world - and climate - where things can be so fragile.

Angel Oak is estimated at being over 500 years-old, one of the oldest living things in our country.  Thanks to deep roots in southern soil, it has weathered many a storm and hurricane and continues to be a sought out attraction to visitors of the low country.  The beauty of this massive tree is unmatched.  Adding to that beauty is the tree's scars and literal supports to help care for its towering, extended branches.  While this tree has existed so many years in our state, it requires continued care from others to not only thrive, but to survive.

It is our hope that whatever storm you are weathering, you find a place of support at Southern Oak for your own areas of growth and find new ways to take root in your life.