How do I make a first appointment?

Feeling ready to make that first appointment is a brave step and easy to do! If you’re ready to book your first appointment, you may call or email, whichever it easiest for you. Email is often times the most efficient way to reach Southern Oak Counseling, but if you call and receive voicemail, it’s confidential so you may leave a message with any information you’d like to provide or inquire about.

Southern Oak Counseling will follow up with you, discuss overall fit for services, and scheduling options. Once an appointment time is provided, you’ll receive a link via the email address you’ve provided to access intake paperwork to be completed before your first session. This allows your therapist to get to know a little about you, check insurance benefits, and decrease the time in session devoted to paperwork.

What can I expect from the first appointment?

Any new thing can be a little scary, but your first appointment may be less intimidating than you might think. Session will begin by reviewing any questions you may have and ensuring all intake paperwork was clear and provided the information you and your therapist need. Then we’ll begin gathering information about your overall history and life experience to help identify your areas of need. There is no expectation of what you should share, just that you share what may be most helpful and what you're comfortable with.

How do I pay for sessions?

Southern Oak Counseling is paneled with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and various EAP networks. Anything not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the client. Payment may be made with cash, check, or card. It is encouraged to put a credit/debit card on file for convenience.

What days/hours are available for sessions?

Availability varies due to scheduling, but overall hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 8:30 pm.

How many sessions do clients typically engage in?

Engagement in therapy is entirely determined by need and progress. If you’re engaging in therapy in response to a specific stressor, crisis, or situation therapy may be specifically targeted on finding ways to cope and heal from those things. Therapy is also a form of self-care and many people engage as a way to maintain their overall health and wellness. While your therapist may make recommendations for length and frequency, you have ownership of that decision.

Where are you located?

Southern Oak Counseling is located at 311 Meetze Avenue, Lexington 29072. It’s close to downtown Lexington, near Lexington County Museum. Our office is located in a white farmhouse with a red roof. Parking is available. Our office is on the second floor, but accommodations can be made if you have any physical limitations.

What should I expect concerning privacy and confidentiality?

Southern Oak Counseling adheres to HIPAA privacy requirements. Any information shared will be done as a result of consensus between therapist and client and with a signed Release of Information. Only need-to-know information will be shared.

There are limits to confidentiality and those things include: threat of harm to oneself or others, child abuse/neglect, and elder/vulnerable adult abuse/neglect. Our first priority is physical safety and if there is a threat of imminent danger, crisis response or a mandated report will take place.